Trusts & Estates

While none of us will live forever, we can certainly try to create a legacy that will. Planning for the longevity of your income and assets for the benefit of your family and successors is not only considerate, but smart. We can help in the preparation of wills and implementation of structures that negate uncertainty and turmoil in your absence. 

Some forced heirship provisions do apply by statute in St. Lucia and Barbados and getting our early advice on these can help you to make an informed decision to elect what you prefer to receive after the passing of a loved one. 

If you are the administrator, trustee or beneficiary of an estate, we can help to guide you through the administration process to ensure that the decedent’s wishes are honoured in a timely fashion. This includes admitting wills to probate, resealing of foreign probate and administration orders locally, administration of estate assets and proceeds and in unavoidabe instances, contentious probate proceedings. 

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