Practice Areas


Litigation is always unpleasant, often necessary and sometimes useful. For many clients, their case is their only case, and we try not to lose sight of that when counting you among the persons and entities whose matters we prosecute and defend daily.

Real Estate & Town Planning

Buying or selling a property? Call us. Without title insurance, the attorney is the guarantor of title. This requires the thoroughness and accuracy that we undertake in the investigation of the title to your real estate acquisition.

Trusts & Estates

While none of us will live forever, we can certainly try to create a legacy that will. Planning for the longevity of your income and assets for the benefit of your family and successors is not only considerate, but smart.

Labour & Employment

The employment relationship is indeed one of trust and confidence and it is not uncommon for more time to be spent at work than at home. Laying the proper foundation to govern that relationship is essential to ensure that employee and employer can both focus on productivity and profit.

Administrative Law

Individuals and corporations are wronged by the government- a ministry or department, a statutory corporation, a public official, or the police. Judicial review is available to scrutinize the actions of the State in a court of law..

Insurance & Personal Injury

Our experience in this field is solid, having represented insurers, insureds, reinsurers and third parties in a variation of matters.

Dispute Resolution

We readily encourage clients to utilize alternative forms of dispute resolution to promote settlements through negotiation and mediation that are as objectively fair and efficient as possible and that parties are satisfied to conclude on. “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War


Tourism is the mainstay of most Caribbean nations and while the hospitality industry cuts a cross section through areas such as labour and employment, public liability and compliance to name a few, this sector has its own unique needs.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is an important aspect of commercial activity. Whether you are an artist, a company or a small business, you will need to protect your intellectual property rights. You might need protection for: copyright for your expressions; patents for your inventions;

Corporations / Companies

Corporate planning remains one of the most useful tools to shield you from personal liability. We will support your needs from standard incorporation to bespoke corporate constitutional papers at the outset or on restructuring.


The Court system plays a major role in ensuring the survival and maintenance of the family unit. There are however instances where family disputes arise which result in Court proceedings.

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